The iSafe Waist Pack Will Keep Muggers Away

It’s hard to leave the house without needing to carry a bunch of stuff with you – gadgets, cosmetics, cash, anything. In a lot of places, there are people looking to snatch that stuff if you’re not careful. Now, you can stash your gear in a fanny pack that packs a little extra punch.

Despite looking bulky, the iSafe Waist Pack is light, weighing in at less than a pound. Much of that weight comes from the two 9 volt batteries inside. Why, you may ask, does a fanny pack require two 9 volt batteries? This isn’t your standard fanny pack – it packs a loud and bright alarm you can trigger via pull cord if you get confronted by a mugger or any other malcontent. In theory, the big time sound and light show will scare off any would-be criminals, leaving you and your valuables safe. In case of an emergency or an accident, the alarm can run continuously for two straight hours. It could be an even better buy for hikers, who can use it as an emergency beacon in case they ever get lost or injured on or off the trail.

You’ll want to be careful and try to use good judgment if you invest in one of these and find yourself in a crisis situation – the mugger will likely panic, and that might not always mean they’ll run away. It’s not a guarantee of safety, but if you’re looking for an extra back-up plan just in case, the iSafe Waist Pack seems to be a solid investment, especially if you live or work in a high-risk area. The iSafe Waist Pack costs $39.99, and comes in black and blue/grey.


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  1. I think I’d wait until they get another line of bags, aside from fanny packs. Its looked down upon our fashion society.lols. But I think it would also help if it also triggers an alarm for nearby police, like a portable/modern day Batman signal!lols

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