Jabra Supreme Mono Bluetooth Headset Review

Jabra will soon be releasing their Jabra Supreme Mono Bluetooth Headset which features active noise cancellation. The nifty little folding headset features dual microphones, voice control and voice guidance, support for 2 bluetooth devices, A2DP streaming, and interchangable ear cushions.

The Jabra Supreme uses a lot of technology to help ensure that calls are crystal clear, and yet our favorite feature is probably its folding design. There’s no need to deal with on/off buttons, just fold out the microphone arm from the device’s body and it’s on. There’s a large answer/end button in the center of the device, volume up/down buttons on the side, and a voice control button on the arm. There’s a micro-USB charging connector with a rubber cover. There are also status LEDs on the side. By default the Supreme is ready to be worn on the right ear, but the earhook can be pulled off and aligned on the opposite side. The bottom part of the earhook can be twisted and optimized for comfort.

Pairing your device to the Jabra Supreme is a piece of cake. The Supreme will even walk you through the process with voice prompts. To pair a second device just tap the voice control button and say “pair new device”. For a list of all available voice commands say “What can I say?” Other voice commands include: Redial, Call Back, Phone Commands (to access your phone’s voice commands), and Battery.

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The Jabra Supreme has the ability to actively cancel out background noise — this means, in real time, it listens to the ambient noise and produces an anti-noise to cancel it out. The supreme even uses wind-noise reduction and something they call Noise Blackout 3.0 to further improve the calling quality and deliver “HD Voice”.


I have tested out a lot of different headsets, bluetooth and wired, and have the same go-to friends to try my calls with. With all honesty, I’ve received the best feedback from my callers using the Jabra Supreme. Most were surprised with just how clear, crisp, and loud it was even outside. Not only does the Jabra sound great on both ends, but it’s very comfortable and natural feeling. It sits on my ear very nicely except if I’m walking fast it may wobble. The only real issue we had with Jabra Supreme is that it does not get loud enough outside. In the car, it gets just loud enough to hear over the engine, but in the busy streets of New York it was tough to hear without pressing the headset against my ear. The answer/hangup button is very easy to press, the volume and voice command buttons are much smaller, but are easy to press once you get used to it. The headset had a great bluetooth range, it started to cut out after about 25 feet. Lastly, the battery is supposed to last for up to 6 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time, these figures were right on par with our testing.

As mentioned, we love the “flip-boom” mic design. Not only does unfolding the mic turn the Supreme on, but it turns it on very fast (it will even exclaim “connected” when it’s paired). This means if you’re receiving a phone call you can grab your Jabra Supreme, which is off, unflip the mic and in 2 seconds it’s ON, connected, and ready to answer the call.The Jabra Supreme comes with two sizes of ear hooks and two sizes of ear cushions. It’s comfortable and secure as long as you’re not moving around too much. It comes with a Micro-USB cable as well as a Micro-USB wall charger. Jabra Supreme will be released shortly and with an MSRP of $99.99. There will also be a Supreme App for both the Android and iPhone that will unlock additional features for the headset. This is not a cheap Bluetooth headset, but it’s a worthy purchase for the quality.

Good: Flip-Boom On/Off design, Voice Recognition, Voice Prompts, Phenominal Call Quality, Wind-Noise Reduction, Great Battery

Bad:Could Benefit from More Ear Clips/Hooks, Needs to get Louder

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  1. Sieht super aus, macht einen tollen Eindruck, funktioniert aber nur sehr eingeschränkt mit SGS II

    – App funktioniert nicht
    – Active noise cancellation nicht wie versprochen schaltbar. Scheint aus zu sein. Ist zumindest nicht feststellbar, das dort irgendetwas “gecancellt” wird
    – Registrierung funktioniert nicht
    – Support ?? 🙁

    Wenn sie irgendwann die Entwicklung fertig haben ist es bestimmt toll.

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