Kermit iPod Nano 6G Wristband Will Bring all the Muppets to The Yard

We all know that the latest update for the iPod Nano 6G now features several of our favorite Muppet friends and Kermit the Frog just happens to be one of them. The iPod Nano Kermit Slap Band is the perfect compliment to your Nano 6G if you plan on setting the Kermit clock face on your Nano. The wrist band is made of a soft silicone and can be slapped on to your wrist to be worn.

The wrist band is perfect for adults and kids alike and with the release of the new Muppets movie around the corner, you better believe that all things green will be hot again. You might even be tempted to start singing the Rainbow Connection. The  iPod Nano Kermit Slap Band retails for $24.99. Miss. Piggy not included.