Have a Hello Kitty Mimobot Flash Drive For Every Day of the Week

It’s well established fact that Hello Kitty is the cutest thing on Earth. This creates a problem for many. How do you choose which Hello Kitty flash drive you want to bring home? Your decision is only going to last as long as it takes you to look at the next one. The solution clearly is to buy them all. And so, the Hello Kitty Blotz 2G Flash Drive 9 Piece Box Set was born. You can have a different Hello Kitty drive for every day, plus a couple more that maybe you can save for holidays or something. I’ll leave the Kitty delegation to you.

The set is based on Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Loves Animals Collection, so each drive features a different animal face on each cap. All of which are equally and irresistibly adorable, of course. The entire box set costs $114.48. A steep price, but for this level of cuteness, you could argue it’s a bargain.