iPhone App of the Week: magicJack App Offers Unilimted Free Calling Over 3G and Wi-Fi

If you’re like me, you read that headline and instantly went into skeptic mode. Considering the high price of calling plans offered by the major mobile network carriers, the proposition of unlimited free calling is an eye opener. Of course, this has always been possible over Wi-Fi using apps like Skype, but actually using a data connection to make free calls? That’s exciting, and it’s what magicJack is offering, with its free app.

Here’s what the app does and doesn’t do. You can make unlimited free calls – the key word there being make. The magicJack app doesn’t use your phone’s regular phone number, of course. Unlike Skype, though, you won’t be getting a permanent number that others can use to call you. Every time you call someone, a random new phone number is used, so receiving calls using this app appears to be out of the question for now.

MagicJack claims that upon download, you can choose to use your existing magicJack number with the app (if you own one of magicJack’s computer-based products), but the random number issue seems to be universal. Calls to United States and Canada phone numbers are all free. If you call someone using one of magicJack’s hardware products on their computer, you can call those magicJack numbers for free as well, wherever they are in the world. You can use your contact list with the app, too. MagicJack’s own CLEC network works with both 3G and 4G, and offers very clear voice quality.

Just be careful – the old adage about something looking to good to be true is always worth listening to. It’s a free service, so a healthy dose of advertising in all forms should be expected. If you’re concerned about privacy, we recommend that you, as always, should carefully read the EULA when you sign up. If everything looks good to you from there, magicJack offers a fairly solid service that is sure to cut down your phone bill significantly.

If you still have an old fashioned landline phone, you can check out our review on the MagicJack Plus Adapter.


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