iPad App of the Week: Story Time With Dinosaurs and Your iPad

It’s a harrowing coming of age story about hardship, survival and the cruelties of nature. Also, dinosaurs. March of the Dinosaurs is an interactive story from Touch Press, produced in conjunction with National Geographic. The story follows two dinosaurs (an Edmontosaurus and a Troodon) struggling for survival in the Arctic about 70 million years ago. It’s a historical look back at the real hardships dinosaurs faced, the emotional maturity gained, and the innocence lost. Or about them eating and killing things. Might be that second one.

You don’t just score a rad dinosaur story with this app, though. There are ten animated, 3D model dinosaurs that you can explore, zoom, and spin to your heart’s content. You also get access to videos and sound effects that accompany the story, along with narration (which you can turn on or off) by Kerry Shale, of Doctor Who fame. All of the dinosaurs featured in the story have their own extensive fact files, backed up by authentic scientific research notes and links to the Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine.

The March of the Dinosaurs is a legitimately great app if you want to learn more about the massive reptiles of old (so, everyone, right?). There’s an enormous amount of scientific knowledge to parse through here, and you’ll probably run into more than a few dinosaurs you didn’t even know existed. If you’re like me, that includes the aforementioned Edmontosaurus and Troodon. Access the heartrending drama of huge, violent lizards – the March of the Dinosaurs app is available now from the iTunes App Store for $7.99.

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