Marc Jacobs, Miss Marc USB Drive Wears Your Storage Well

It’s good to see that unique looking USB flash drives are making a bit a bit of a comeback this last week or so. First it was the new Lady Gaga Born this Way USB Drive, designed to look like the lady herself. Now it is a new one from Marc Jacobs.

You would think that just about every type of USB design has been tackled. Well Marc Jacobs is just getting started. The Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miss Marc USB is not the friendliest looking flash drive around but its quirky style is signature Marc. This latest version for 2011 is a 2GB USB drive, that is perfect for fashionistas with a sense of humor and will also look great dangling from a Marc Jacobs bag. Miss Marc, as we all know is actually Marc Jacobs’ muse that is always at the forefront of style, no matter what season. The Miss Marc USB drive retails for $42 at Bloomingdales.

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  1. I didn’t know that they’re now branching to gadgets and electronics. That looks uber cute though. Expensive but uber cute.

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