Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk Review

Music is the key ingredient to turning an okay workout into an awesome workout. With the right song you’re unstoppable at the gym or track. In most cases, headphones are the limiting factor. Either they don’t stay in your ear or they break from the sweat. Monster, one of the biggest brands in audio, has just released their iSport waterproof sports headphones, a quality set of buds that stay in your ear. They even come with a waterproof inline microphone and control button so you never have to skip a beat.

What’s in the Box:

-iSport Immersion Headphones
-4 Pairs of Different Sized SportClips
-4 Pairs of Different Sized Eartips
-Protective Spring-Clasp Pouch


The Monster iSports have a pretty unique design, as you may be able to tell by the images. Without the sports clip attached, they look like normal earbuds with one difference: the tip swivels. Monster calls this the OmniTip. The sports clip is optional, but uses the inside of your ear to provide a secure and comfortable fit. The waterproof ControlTalk button/mic is located about 6″ below the left earbud, which has a blue ring around it. The right ear bud has a red ring around it — it makes differentiating your buds a piece of cake. The cable is shaped like a really long piece of linguini; it’s thin and flat. It’s supposed to be tangle-resistant; it still tangles, just not horribly. It uses a right angle plug.


Monster’s iSports use their patented SportsClip and Pro Sound Isolating Eartips to provide a comfortable fit that stays in your ear. It’s also designed to not interfere with eyewear or helmets. As mentioned the earbud tips, called OmniTips, swivel for the perfect fit. The iSports are not just water resistant, but completely water-proof — they’re even machine washable. There’s an impenetrable seal inside the buds that block out water. Since Monster is really the king of audio cables, you can count on them to produce the finest conductors, cables, and contacts. The included protective clasp pouch is great for safely pocketing the iSports. The inline ControlTalk button/mic is convenient for hands-free calling and controlling your music player. It has a universal control button as well as volume up and volume down. The microphone and control work for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Devices, and other smart phones, though features vary for each device.


I’m doing the iSports injustice by positioning them as sports headphones; they’re actually awesome every-day headphones. Since they’re waterproof and well built, you can count on them in all types of environments, whether it’s on the slopes or on the beach. With my iPhone wrapped in three sandwich baggies, I even had a chance to shower with the iSports. I made sure to get them as wet as possible and I can proudly confirm they are very water proof.

With all this said, who cares how durable and waterproof they are if they don’t sound good. They not only sound good–they sound great. This is why they are the ultimate everyday earphones. They are very well balanced: detailed and full mids, a nice punchy bass that doesn’t overwhelm, and crisp and clear highs. There are a lot of different combinations between the four pairs of eartips and four pairs of sports clips. Try them all because the right fit makes a big difference. Since the ControlTalk is rubberized and waterproof, the universal button is a little stiff – but it just takes getting used to. Making phone calls with the iSports was perfect. My callers sounded very clear and loud in my ears and they reported I sounded great even while walking in the windy streets of New York.


If you are looking for one pair of “go-to” earbuds that won’t let you down, then look no further. The iSports by Monster sit securely in ears and are well built, comfortable, durable, and most importantly, they sound great! The ControlTalk controls and microphone is the icing on the cake. At $149 from Amazon, they’re not inexpensive, but they will definitely pay themselves off. If you want good headphones that can take the heat of a good workout, the Monster iSports are it. They were just released and are available in blue and black.

Good: Completely Waterproof, Comfortable, Lots of Clips and Ear Tips, Balanced, Great Carrying Pouch, Durable/Well Built, ControlTalk Button with Mic, Colored Rings to Differentiate Right and Left Buds

Bad: Tangle-Resistant Cable Tangles Easily, Bassheads Might Want More Bass

Note: Be careful where you buy the Monster iSports, there are reports of counterfeits going around.

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