Tribeca by Novero Bluetooth Headset Brings Class to Hands-Free Calling

Novero has long been in the business of making high technology highly fashionable. The company, that caters to decidedly upper class tastes, has unveiled Tribeca, a Bluetooth headset that doubles as a swank piece of jewelry.

There’s a large clip studded with precious stones that can be put on your lapel, collar, or tie, with an equally sharp looking ear piece. The Tribeca actually comes with three earpieces that can be swapped, which according to the company is to ensure comfort and a good fit for any ear.

Who says geek can’t be chic? If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your constantly connected techie lifestyle, shell out for this shiny masterpiece of style and substance. The Tribeca is selling now for €129, or about $170.

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