Pioneer AirPlay Music Station Streams Your Music in Style

Looks like your iPhone is about to become a bigger part of your home entertainment system. The Pioneer AirPlay Music Station is a large set of speakers that turns an iPhone into a home sound system that is as easy to use as it is good-looking. The AirPlay Music Station comes equipped with an FM radio tuner and access to Internet radio, but where it really shines is the ease of streaming your own content to the speakers. It is compatible with Apple’s AirPlay, so communication between your iPhone and the speakers is a snap. The AirPlay Music Station is Bluetooth compatible, as well. A small LCD screen that can display album art rounds out the features.

The sound quality might not be good enough for audiophiles, given the sometimes shaky quality of wireless transmission, but anyone who is looking to make a sleek, bold statement in their living room should consider the Pioneer AirPlay Music Station.

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