Android App of the Week: The Inevitable Siri Knock-Off for Android Is Already Here

That didn’t take long. The Speaktoit Assistant works just like Siri, taking in natural language and executing voice commands. There are still a lot of kinks to work out, some involving basic commands, but it’s a young app in beta, and has the advantage of being on the easier and more flexible Android OS. Already, there is more third-party app support than what Siri provides, something that is sure to increase with future updates. As of right now, Evernot and Facebook are both compatible with Speaktoit.

There are five different avatars available – two female, two male, and one microphone, for more professional settings. Early on, the Speaktoit App looks great. But you know, some people like their virtual assistants for their personalities, not their good looks. In that field, Siri probably isn’t going to be knocked off her perch anytime soon. Speaktoit is free and available now from the Android Market.

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