Happy Halloween! Skull MP3 Player II Arrives

We couldn’t let fright night go by without a genuinely creepy gadget sure to send chills up many a spine. This wicked Skull MP3 Player II is available now, and ready to leave all of your party guests with nightmares. Fortunately for them, those nightmares might at least have a pretty sweet soundtrack. Dead men might not tell any tales, but apparently they can rock some pretty rad tunes.

The Skull MP3 Player II has a USB port that will work with just about any USB-enabled device, and also sports an SD card slot. At its core, the Skull is a simple plug and play speaker for your gadgets, though it does include an FM tuner, as well. This year, the dead are coming back to be the life of the party. Just make sure they don’t hog the nachos.

The Skull MP3 Player II is selling here for $43.



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