Samsung Bundling Batman: Arkham City Game with New SSDs

Samsung announced their new 830 series of SSDs today, and they are throwing in a pretty neat incentive to choose their SSDs over the competition by offering a free download of Batman: Arkham City with every purchase.

It’s not everyday that Batman shows up at a tech press conference, but that is just how Samsung unveiled their latest series of SSDs for laptops and desktops. With a brushed aluminum chassis, this new SSD series also happens to be sexier than most other SSDs on the market. Not that you can really enjoy the design all that much, once you have installed it in your PC.

Samsung is also bundling a full retail copy of Norton Ghost with each SSD purchase in order to help make it easier for average users to upgrade their hard drives to an SSD.

But Samsung isn’t just using Batman: Arkham City purely as an incentive, they also had Hit Detection’s N’Gai Croal on hand to talk about how Samsung’s 830 series SSD can improve gaming performance while playing games like Arkham City. In particular, when running on the 830 series SSD, the game experiences  improvement of 21% when launching the game, and an overall 35% performance increase when playing the game.

Lets face it, until now SSD upgrades have been relegated to mostly PC enthusiasts, however, this promo can really help entice gamers and regular consumers to upgrade their hard drives to an SSD, and to choose Samsung for the upgrade. The Samsung 830 series will be on sale soon with the 64GB model going for $130, the 128GB model for $230, the 256GB model for $430 and the 512GB model for $850. The promotion will run from November 15th through December 31st 2011.

Update 12/7/2011: Check out our full review of Batman: Arkham City for PC

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