Honor Steve Jobs’ Memory with an iPhone 4S Case

If you want to pay tribute to the late, great Steve Jobs, I guess there are few better ways of doing it than putting him up on the devices he helped to create. WOWCases has released a set of four iPhone 4/4S cases featuring Jobs’ likeness in black and white. The second choice is particularly interesting – Jobs’ portrait created from words related to the things in the tech world he influenced.

Keep in mind that the vibrate toggle and volume control buttons on the AT&T iPhone 4S are slightly lower.Since these cases will fit an Verizon iPhone 4S as well as an AT&T iPhone 4S, you should be ok.  If you’re a Verizon subscriber, you have nothing to worry about – you may carry on worry free.  Paying homage to the man who was Apple will run you $13.42 per case.






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