Editorial: Chip Chick Remembers Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

How do you memorialize a man who impacted technology and our day to day lives on so many levels. Instead of regurgitating everything that has already been said about Steve Jobs, we looked to our staff to give their own personal reflections on his passing. Below are some of our thoughts. R.I.P Steve.

Helena Stone:

I’m grateful to Steve Jobs for raising the bar in the computing and CE industries. There is no doubt in my mind, that if not for products like the iPhone and iPad, our mobile devices would be a whole lot uglier and less intuitive than they are now.

Also, not too long ago, being interested in computers and electronics was mostly associated as a geeky thing. Thanks to Steve’s relentless drive and passion behind his products, being a tech nerd is a pretty cool thing to be these days. Thanks for making a nerdy computer geek like me- kinda cool, Steve.

Scott Schaen:

Whether we know it or not, Steve Jobs has had a profound influence on technology as we know it. These days most every user interface aspires to be simple, elegant, and polished — the Apple way. You can hate Apple all you want, but their efforts and innovations have thrusted the technology market forward in remarkable ways.

In four short years I went from being labeled as “an Apple hater” to an “Apple Fanboy”. The original iPhone was a complete game changer; and not just for the mobile industry but for technology as a whole. It reshaped our concept of cell phones, personal computers, and user interfaces. We’re interacting with technology like never before, and it’s unbelievable how far we’ve advanced in 10 years alone.

While Steve Jobs is generally attributed to iPhones, iPods, and iPads – he is so much more. Yes, he founded Apple, but he also instituted and developed Apple’s unique culture that makes them a company unlike any other. Look at the fanbase alone, there are few other companies with such a loyal market. It’s not surprising that Steve played is a founder of one of the most beloved movie studios of all time, Pixar.

Ali Heriyanto:

When people remember Steve Jobs they will say visionary, showman, innovator and genius. You probably won’t find many who will say that he was hot-tempered, arrogant or controlling – not this week anyway. Lest we not forget the whole Gizmodo fiasco with the iPhone 4.

That said, in the brief time he had on earth he was the epitome of what a true icon is because he had all those attributes. The good, the bad, the amazing, and the sometimes ugly. He was a force to be reckoned with and idolized for the consumer technology products that broke barriers and transformed industries. If the passing of this man teaches you one thing, it should be to live every day to your fullest, believe in yourself, and that black turtlenecks are cool.

Chance Kinney:

How often does the media and the public explode with outpourings of sympathy, and yes, even derision, upon the death of a CEO? That should tell you all you need to know about Steve Jobs and what he meant to the world. Sometimes, people say that geniuses are replaceable – that if Bell hadn’t invented the telephone, someone else surely would have – I defy anyone to say that about the products Jobs introduced to our world. Love him or hate him, love Apple or hate Apple, that much is hard to deny.

He had a strong enough personality to demand things to be his way, yet his beginnings were founded on the humility of knowing he couldn’t bleed his adoptive parents dry by continuing college, though he didn’t show it as much in business, others must have mattered to the man, and if he ever seemed ruthless, perhaps it was only due to his commitment to his own vision, the thing that made him uniquely Steve Jobs – the reason why countless people are writing about him now that he is no longer with us.

On a personal level, I was never much of an Apple user outside my iPhone 3G, but I couldn’t help but be impressed by the masterful job of marketing that Apple did for its products, and I can’t help but think that started with the charisma and showmanship of Jobs himself. He set the tone for the entire company, and its philosophy, in a way many business leaders are simply incapable of doing. He didn’t just set the tone for Apple, he set the tone for entire markets of products, from smartphones to tablets to personal computers to MP3 players. That might be his most stunning achievement.

Zara Stone Rabinowicz:

If the founder of Toshiba was to die, we’d mourn, but the fact that Steve Jobs has died brings peoples sorrow to a different level. Yes, he was the man behind a multimillion selling brand, but he was also confident enough of his ideas to stand up and own them- not for him, hiding behind a corporate masthead, but proud enough to be the head spokesman for the company he founded. His perfectionism saw many Apple products delayed till he considered them perfect, his reticence with journalists meant that we found about new releases the same day you did and his speaking prowess meant that he constantly shared his love of technology with people. Steve Jobs will be mourned, as a man and as a tech powerhouse, as he is someone who personified entrepreneurism and going after what you really believe in.  Lessons to be learnt are that you should never lost hope in what you want to do, and that if you try hard enough it will happen.

Scott Freedlun:

I started out as a Microsoft guy and just recently have been converted to the Apple way of life. I loved watching Steve deliver his keynotes, he really seemed to love what he was doing. No doubt his family feels a great loss, and millions will be affected by his absence. The industry has lost a great man.


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  1. What do you mean BRIEF TIME on Earth? he lived a long and good and productive life, 56 years is a long life, stop this nonsense of HIS BRIEF TIME on earth, we all have a brief time on earth, but brief is really like 2o years or less. 56 is a long time. stop this iGod business. he was a mortal, he came he saw he checked out. BRAVO. get on with your lives iGod worshippers! Sheeshe

  2. You guys here are way overdoing it. Steve was just a mortal like everyone not an iGod. He had one kid out of wedlock and didn’t own up to it for a long time. he took a very dangerous drug called LSD. you think that’s cool? He had a temper that went wild at times. He didn’t raelly do that much, he just hired good people to run his ship. Stop this idolization of a rather shallow person…..SIGH……what are you going to do when Paul McCarntey dies or Steve Speilberg? get on wioth your lievs fanboyus and fan girls….there is more than geekdon….. grow u[p!

  3.  Yes: re “If the passing of this man teaches you one thing, it should be to live every day to your fullest, believe in yourself, and that life is short for all of us and ther is no GOD.”

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