Swatch and Jeremy Scott Have You Seeing Double With Latest Watch

You can find out just how for hypnotic suggestion will take you in life when you rock the Double Vision Watch, from Swatch and designer Jeremy Scott. You don’t need to get your vision checked – there really are two watch faces on Double Vision, both teeming with concentric red and white circles and hypnotic goodness. The words X-Ray Vision run across the top of the two faces, even though this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with X-Ray vision. I guess that just adds to the charm.

The Double Vision watch is going for €75 off Colette, or $100 from the Swatch website. If you consider that you’re really getting two watches in one, that’s not a bad deal at all. All of you friends (and maybe you, if you aren’t careful) are about to get very, very sleepy.


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