I AM T-PAIN Mic Review

Oh, auto-tune – love it or loathe it, many of your favorite artists like Britney Spears, Countess Luann, Selena Gomez, and countless others would have stalled careers without it.  Unfortunately, the I AM T-PAIN Mic from JAKKS Pacific won’t turn you into any of your favorite performers, but it will make you sound a whole lot better if you sing as bad as some American Idol rejects.

Although it’s just a toy, the I AM T-PAIN will appeal to adults as well as kids. The mic first debuted at CES 2011 earlier this year and then popped up again at Toy Fair. And now that it’s available to purchase, the I AM T-PAIN mic is ready to make you the star of your holiday party. The exterior of the mic features fun stickers, a recording button, a button that unleashes 3 different beats, the T-PAIN Effect button, break beats button with T-PAIN’S face, a playback button and a power button.

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The base of the mic can be removed and when it does, it reveals a USB connector to plug directly into your computer. When you connect the mic to your computer, you can export songs you recorded when you were singing into the mic. However, you will need to install the software that comes bundled on the mic which is accessible via the USB connector. The I AM T-PAIN mic is both Mac and PC compatible.

Exhibiting less talent than Rebecca Black,  I was able to put together some semblance of a song with the T-PAIN effect and other beats. The whole process was easy to achieve and in the end, it didn’t come out too bad – but I still won’t be prepping any Grammy award acceptance speeches anytime soon.

T-Pain Mic sample

If you don’t want to torture loves ones around you with hearing the song you just created, you can pop in a pair of headphones into the mic and listen to it privately.  There is also a line-in jack for you to attach an external music source for you to sing along with.


In the end, the I AM T-PAIN mic will make you the life of the party – or get you kicked out of one – depending on how bad you mix that song with the T-PAIN effect. The mic is super easy to use and will certainly be one of the must have gifts this holiday season, and who knows – you may just give Britney a run for her money with it.  The I AM T-PAIN mic retails for around $39.99 and is available in gold, white and red.

The Good: Easy to use; you can download and share your songs with friends and family; comfortable to hold; great for parties; haven’t we all wanted to hear what we would sound like in auto-tune?

The Bad: Would have liked if the software was more robust and intuitive; the novelty may wear off before the song is over.

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