This Vintage iPhone Dock Will Make the iPhone 5 Look Like a Relic

Something as antiquated (yet undeniably stylish) as this could only come from Etsy. And yes, this vintage iPhone dock is handcrafted – the seller sounds like he’s making these to order, even offering an assortment of wood finishes. Perfect timing for the imminent iPhone 5 announcement. You’ll be taking the cutting edge back in time with you with this polished hardwood dock.

Actually, this dock is a sophisticated enough piece of technology in its own right. The receiver isn’t just for show – it’s actually a bluetooth handset that you can use to pick up calls while your phone is docked, good within a radius of 30 feet. For the dedicated hipsters out there, there’s also an option to include a classic coil cord attached to the handset. You know, if wireless is getting too mainstream.

The design looks pretty solid, and it definitely brings back memories of a simpler time of telephoning. And, you’ve got to love that personal, handcrafted touch. These Vintage iPhone docks selling on Etsy right now for $16, which seems a little too cheap for something that looks like it required a fair amount of careful crafting. If vintage is your thing, you might want to take full advantage.



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