iPhone App of the Week: ON Voicefeed Gets Social Networking In Your Voicemail

ON Voicefeed creates a visual voicemail for your iPhone that has a little social networking flair to it. You can scroll through voicemails left on your phone, which are all tagged with your contacts’ names and photos. The cool piece of functionality here is that you can customize different messages for different groups of contacts – you can keep a professional one and one just for your friends. If you get the free version of the app, you can create three different voicemail messages. There’s also Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can add your latest updates to the messages people see when they try to call you. As an added convenience, the app can convert your voicemails into text.

If you buy the premium version of the app, you get unlimited storage time and unlimited customizable messages. Using the app will cost you some of your minutes off your plan, though, since the app redirects the call to another number to store the voicemail message. It also disables your native voicemail, so be aware of that. You can grab the free app or the premium app, which costs £6.99 per year, or about $11, from the iTunes App Store now.

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