Walmart Offers Exclusive T-Mobile $30 Unlimited 4G Web and Text Plan

T-Mobile’s monthly 4G plans just got yet another sweet plan option. That is because they have teamed up with Walmart for an exclusive no-annual contract wireless plan which offers a $30 unlimited web and text monthly 4G prepaid service plan. This plan includes unlimited text messages and “unlimited data” with the first 5GB at up to 4GB speeds. 100 voice minutes are also included, with it costing customers just 10 cents per minute after the first 100 minutes.

Currently, Walmart is offering 5 affordable smartphones to use with T-Mobile monthly 4G service. In conjunction with this new plan announcement, they have also announced that they will be soon carrying their first T-Mobile 4G prepaid handset. That said, the beauty of T-Mobile is that you can always just pick up one of their SIM cards and pop it into your own (compatible) smartphone.

Overall, this deal is pretty sweet as far as non-contract monthly plans are concerned. After all, how many of us use our devices primarily for data oriented tasks and mostly text messaging, but rarely use the phone for making calls. With this plan option, customers who don’t talk that much still have the option to talk when they need to, without breaking the bank.



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  1. What I’d like to request is, a credit to my account 925-325-4704. My
    > phone has been in your possession for the entire month so I’ve had no
    > access to use it.
    > I’d also like to request an even exchange policy: I sent you the LG
    > optimus one purchased for $148.88 and you sent me a $99.00 T-mobile
    > Concord.
    > Therefore this is clearly violating my customer rights. T-mobile has
    > mistreated me as you will read below.
    > Customer:
    > Carolyn Williams
    > 813 Villa Terrace
    > Brentwood, CA.94513
    > 925-325-4704 PIN 1963
    > home #925-418-5333
    > On 12/31/2011 I purchased a LG Optimus one phone for $148.88. with SIM
    > kit, and handset protection.
    > ST#2697 OP#00003771 TE# 68 TR# 01804 ANTIOCH WALMART CA.
    > In July /2012 the phone went dead, I sent the phone back using the
    > handset warranty and a few days later I was using another LG Optimus 1
    > phone. 8 weeks later that phone stopped working. I called Walmart
    > which iformed me to call this number to resolve the problem.
    > (877-760-8760)
    > The new phone went dead on Sept. 25. I called 1-877-760-8760 and he
    > told me to take the 2 small cards out and keep them, and then to send
    > the phone with the battery to:
    > W.F.M Walmart Family Mobile
    > 500 Lee Rd. Rochester N.Y 14606
    > He told me the LG optimus one is no longer available due to this
    > defect. The rep let me know I would be receiving a new T-mobile
    > concord in 7 days after the warehouse receives my phone. I sent the
    > phone 2 day air with a tacking number
    > U.S.P.S 0312-1430-0003-0497-9428 your ware house received it at 9:01
    > am 8-31-2012 So I thought I should have my phone by 9-7-2012 (LIKE I
    > WAS TOLD)
    > I called the same number 1-877-760-8760 on the following dates to
    > inquire about the where abouts of my phone.
    > 9-7-2012 they informed me I should have it in 2 more days. (LIE)
    > 9-9-2012 they informed me maybe on the 12th I should get it (LIE)
    > 9-14-2012 they informed me to wait a few more days (LIE)
    > 9-19-2012 they informed me it would be a few more days that it indeed
    > shipped (LIE)
    > 9-24-2012 I asked for a tracking number to prove to me your company
    > even shipped me a phone. They said they don’t have one, and that the
    > ware house is in another state. I spoke to a supervisor Ann M. who
    > informed me I should receive my phone in a few days, I asked her what
    > type of phone was being shipped to me and she replied ” An Optimus 1″
    > I then I informed her that the LG Optims 1 has been pulled form the
    > market due to the defect I’ve experienced twice, therefore I made it
    > very clear I knew she just lied to me! Ann put me on hold when she got
    > back on the phone she told me there are no phones we can ship to you,
    > and she had no idea when they were coming into the warehouse. She said
    > we have a special team that is taking care of all the customers with
    > this problem. I asked her well how are they to reach us if you have
    > the only phone number/phone and it’s in a garbage at your ware house?
    > I don’t believe there is a team she already lied the entire
    > conversation with me.
    > ( In this conversation the supervisor LIED twice to me!)
    > SIX LIES IN 3 weeks what kind of company is T-Mobile running??
    > 9-25-2012- I purchased a home phone and paid for a vonage plan which
    > was out of my budget!
    > 5 Calls to your facility and I was LIED to each time!!!!
    > On 9-27-2012 a phone was delivered to me from 500 Lee road I opened
    > the box and my old backing of the LG phone was in the box with a note
    > to ship it with #1019. The order #1019 was a new T-mobile concord
    > phone with no battery or a backing on it. T-mobile is the most
    > UN-professional business I’ve ever dealt with in my experience of 25
    > years of being a Service Rep. And not to mention the phone is a valued
    > at only $ 99.00 which means I just lost 50.00 in value from using a
    > Family Team Mobile phone plan.
    > 9-28-2012 I call the service line again and wondered what lies are
    > they going to tell me now? I spoke to the clerk who had such bad
    > English I asked him for another rep to answer my questions but instead
    > of transferring me he disconnected me!!
    > 9-28-2012 I called back and spoke to a young girl who listened to my
    > issues. She told me 3 times we cannot do nothing for me because you
    > I’m not supposed to send you battery back with the phone. I asked to
    > speak to a supervisor which informed me if I go to walmart I can pick
    > up a new phone there. I drove 20 min to Walmart and spoke with Jock
    > about the entire issue, who then told me he cannot do anything for me.
    > 9-29-2012 I called and spoke to a supervisor who gave me in detailed
    > information as to why this situation occurred. He has my home phone
    > number to call me later to resolve the battery/back cover issue.
    > Truly one of the hundreds angry customers,
    > Carolyn Williams

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