Android App of the Week: Black Fly Day Brings Sharing to Black Friday

Black Fly Day is a social deal finder app for Android phones, targeted at the impending arrival of Black Friday. I’m not sure how well a cooperative app will go over on Black Friday, traditionally one of the less cooperation-friendly days of the year, but it should work just fine on any other day. The app finds local deals for you, giving you the exact locations via GPS and allowing you to snatch them up as soon as possible. The social aspect relies on app users to upload new deals and bargains in real time, and send them to other app users or to their Facebook friends. Users can create groups of people with like shopping interests, to hone in on more specific deals and cut out the ones that don’t interest you. Also, using GPS, you can spot other app users and what deals they’ve found and uploaded.

I have a feeling most of you will be too busy tearing off in a dead sprint come store open on Black Friday to grab the marquee deals (which, like always, will probably be gone in about 15 minutes flat), but if you find the time to spread the good word about the other lesser deals, knock yourself out. Who knows, you might be able to use the app to snatch up a good one buy that fell though the cracks. The Black Fly Day App is free before Black Friday, and will cost $9.99 after that.

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