4-Bit Watches Will Make You Ready for Binary Day Part Deux

Yesterday was a rare cause for geek celebration – a true Binary Day. 11/1/11 may have passed, but you can still pick up these new binary-inspired watches from Cadence. Cadence announced 3 new watches in their 4-bit line, which replaces the numbers on the clock face with their binary representations. The 4-Bit Retrograde, in addition to the binary representations, includes a second watch showing Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). The 4-Bit Chrono features a chronograph, and can be purchased with or without a UTC dial. All watches sport genuine leather wristbands and definitely look good enough to make geek stylish. The watches are also scratch resistant, made from sapphire coated quartz glass.

The 4-Bit Chrono with UTC time sells for $195, while the 4-Bit Retrograde and 4-Bit Chrono without UTC sell for $185. And, if you missed Binary Day, don’t feel too down. You still have 10 more chances to celebrate, on 11/10/11 and 11/11/11. Happy holidays!




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