Now You Can Be Marty McFly With Your Own Electric DeLorean DMCEV

Roads? You don’t need roads where you’re going. Back to the Future fans with a lot of extra cash to burn can burn rubber like Marty McFly and Doc in their own personal DeLorean DMCEV. Better yet, it’s a car of the future – not a flying one, unfortunately, but a completely electric one running on an AC induction liquid-cooled electric motor. This DeLorean has some kick to it, too, with a top speed of 125 mph. Regrettably, nothing happens when you hit 88 mph – looks like you’ll need to build your own flux capacitor to get the real DeLorean experience. Inside, you’ll find a GPS display and an iPod/iPhone dock, additions we’re sure the Doc would approve of. And, yes, the gull-wing doors are accounted for.

C ombine this hot rod with those beautiful Nike Air Mags, and you’ll be living every Back to the Future fan’s dream. 2015 is almost here, and it’s starting to look a lot like we’re heading Back to the Future. The price reflects a car from the future such as this. If you want your very own DeLorean DMCEV, you’re going to need to shell out £70,000, or about $109,900. But hey, like it always is with Firebox – free shipping!

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