Fanny Wang Offers Up Custom Colorized Headphones

Fanny Wang, one of the trendiest headphone brands on the market right now, has just taken trendiness to a new level! That is because Fanny Wang has announced the launch of their custom colorization program for their entire headphone line. There are three types of headphones to choose from, seven features of each pair to colorize, and a bunch of fab colors to choose from. Have fun designing a unique pair of cans that captures your unique sense of music and style, and then rock them with pride!

Fanny Wangs’ lineup consists of their On-Ear Wangs (1001), Over-Ear DJ Wangs (2001), and their premium Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Wangs (3001). We can vouch for the On-Ear Wangs that they sound as awesome as they look.

There is no doubt that company has taken some inspiration from Colorware for their new custom headphones concept. After all, Colorware has been customizing popular headphones with colors for years now. However, Fanny Wang is taking things a step further by offering the service directly, not too mention, without breaking the bank.

From the Fanny Wang website: http://customs.fannywang.com you can visualize your customized set of headphones in real-time. You can choose custom colors for the outside band, inside band, center disc, sound chambers, accent strip, ear muffs and cord. Custom Fanny Wang headphones start at $169.95 plus $50 for color customization. It takes 3 weeks to complete an order and each pair of headphones is hand assembled to your custom specifications. We’re having a tough time choosing just one color combination. Meanwhile, you might want to act soon so you too can have a hip set of custom Wangs for the holiday season.

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