Hanukkah Gets Geeky with Keyboard Keys Menorah

It’s never too early to start dusting off the dreidel and getting ready for Hanukkah season. This year, Hanukkah finally manages to go geek for the 21st century. This menorah is made up of computer keyboard keys spelling out Hanukkah 8 (I guess they had to put something on that extra key), and is a must for any tech-loving Jewish home this year. The shamash is appropriately elevated by – what else? – a shift key.

The Keyboard Keys Menorah measures 9.25″ x 1.25″ x 2″, and is selling from fredflare.com for $18. The Festival of Lights is about to shine a little brighter for geeks everywhere this December! It’s bound to kindle a little more excitement than the old world style menorah everyone’s used to.


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