Portable LapGuard with Radiation Shielding Technology Review

We have some time to go until laptops don’t radiate extreme heat and potentially harmful wireless signals; until then we have lap guards and lap desks. The Portable LapGuard, by Digital Innovations, is particularly nice, with two USB-powered fans and a nice cushioned bottom. Shield your “sensitive reproductive area” from radiation and heat.

Unlike most lap guards, the Digital Innovations Portable LapGuard  (4290400) actually protects you from the potentially harmful wireless radiation your laptop emits with patent-pending technology. It features two whisper quiet fans. The top of the LapGuard is made of a grounded metal plate covered in air holes. There is a rubber non-slip grip that runs along the back of the plate which slightly props up your laptop and prevents it from sliding around. The underside of the LapGuard is cushioned with a soft mesh covering. There is a USB cord that wraps up and snaps into the underside. The USB cord is plugged into your laptop to power the dual fans. It isn’t necessary, but it keeps your laptop, and your lap, much cooler.

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The LapGuard is quiet, comfortable, and does the trick. Even without the fans running, it dissipates a lot of heat. If your laptop gets especially hot, the fans are a must. LapGuard is pretty light and also quite sleek; stowing it away or packing it is not a problem. Can we be sure it’s really protecting our reproductive organs from radiation? No, but we will assume that it does, and that makes it more valuable than the traditional lapdesk. We had just two gripes. Firstly, the grip didn’t work well enough to keep our 13″ MacBook Pro from sliding. Lastly, the USB cord is a bit annoying to rap up and snap into the underside. The fans are just audible; there is a good chance your laptop makes more noise. The Digital Innovations LapGuard(4290400) fit our 13″ MacBook Pro with a bit of space on all sides. It probably won’t fit laptops larger than 14″ inches (screen diagonal). It costs $39.99.

The Good: Quiet, Comfortable, Lightweight, Works Well Reducing Heat, Radiation-Protection Technology

The Bad: Cord is Tricky to Rap Up and Snap into Underside, Laptop May Slide, Website Makes No Mention of Compatible Laptop Sizes

Note: Some laptops can power USB devices when turned off; this means the fans will stay on and probably drain your laptop battery.

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