Watch the Lexus CT Hybrid Vogue for High Fashion

The Lexus CT Hybrid car is 90% made from recyclable materials. Lexus is understandably excited about this, so how are they spreading the good word? By breaking down one of their CT Hybrids, and encouraging four high-profile fashion designers to recycle the parts, and create something that people can wear and look good while doing wearing it.

Considering that the CT Hybrid is a car and all, it’s not an easy task. The four designers are John Patrick, an organic designer; Alejandro Ingelmo, a shoe designer; Moss Lipow, an eyewear designer; and Eddie Borgo, a jewelry designer. To promote the event, Lexus is partnering with Vogue, which will showcase the designers’ creations in a six-page ad in their January 2012 issue. From December 1st to December 2nd, the works will be featured at Art Basel Miami Beach, one of America’s most prominent art shows. Behind-the-scenes videos of the designers at work will be released on Vogue’s website throughout the first half of December.

The works range from a subtle, classy trenchcoat, made in part with leather seat covers and floor mats, to a piece of headgear made from a transmission starter and exhaust manifold gasket that looks like it absolutely needs to be in Lady Gaga’s next music video. You can view all four of the finished products now on Vogue’s website here. You have to give credit to these four designers – they managed to squeeze some seriously good looking pieces of fashion from materials that would be more at home in AutoZone than in a mall.

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