LEGO Gets Even More Awesome with Life of George iPhone 4S App

Lego is bringing the real world of LEGO bricks and the virtual app world of the iPhone together in Life of George. George is a LEGO-ized working class hero, toiling away for the man from 9 to 5 and traveling around the world when he gets the chance. You can follow him around, and that’s when the fun starts. You can play the game with one or two players, taking the LEGO bricks from the boxed set and building different models that get put up on screen. Take a picture of your creation on the included mat, and the app will give you a score based on accuracy and speed. You can challenge yourself, or go head-to-head with someone else to establish LEGO craftsmanship supremacy. As you get higher up in level, the challenges get tougher and more complex. There are twelve levels, each with a pool of fifteen different challenges. There are also two difficulty settings – easy and hard.

Of course, like it always should be with LEGOs, you’re totally free to make your own imaginative creations and upload them to the app, using My Life. Ready to dive into the world of George? LEGO is selling the Life of George set, which includes 144 LEGO bricks, from their website for about $30.

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