Molami Twine Headphones are the Modern Day Headband

We thought that the Monster Inspiration Headphones were going to lead the way for high fashion in the world of headphones, but Molami’s newest offering might change that conversation very quickly. Molami is largely the work of European designer Maria von Euler, who specializes in haute couture in the world of fashion for women. The sleek Molami Twine headphones exemplify that expertise, rejecting the familiar headphone form factor and opting for something that resembles a headband – all the functionality you want, all while looking both inconspicuous and fashionable.

The Twine is made from silk-satin and chiffon blends, with some napa leather and stingray, and comes in black and white. You can also choose to add 18k gold accents or silver-colored accents.

These headphones are almost worth it as a fashion statement, even if they weren’t headphones at all. The fact that style and substance come together this well makes the Molami Twine look like it will be a heavy hitter in the fashion world in the year to come. You can pre-order the Molami Twine now from Colette, where they sell for about $345.


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