Nokia Lumia and deadmau5 Light Up the London Skyline

Nokia took strides to make sure just about everyone in London was aware of the release of the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone. Nokia teamed up with deadmau5 to ring in the occasion by giving Londoners near the Thames a light and sound show last night, the likes of which England has never seen before.

The Millbank Tower became an electronic canvas, with vinyl covering all the windows, making them perfect projector screens. 16 projectors lit up the building with 4D images, turning the building into a living, turning, twisting entity (and at one point, the largest music visualizer ever), while deadmau5 laid down remixes composed exclusively for the event.

The half hour show was free (not that you could charge for it and somehow prevent people from seeing the Millbank Tower) and lasted a half-hour, ending with a giant plug for the Nokia Lumia, with the appropriate tagline of ‘The Amazing Everyday.’ Lumia users might not get amazing on this level every day, but you can check out what they can expect from the Lumia from our review here.

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Update 1/15/2012: Check out our full review of the Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile

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