iPhone App of the Week: Picksie is a Perfect Strike for Avril Lavigne

Credit to Picksie for getting a little star power into their app launch. Avril Lavigne was on hand at the release party at Lucky Strike in New York City, helping to promote the app and the Avril Lavigne Foundation, a charity the rocker started last year to support children with serious illnesses and disabilities.

The bowling lanes were a perfect venue to roll out Picksie, an app designed to help people in the city find new things to do. Picksie finds the hottest spots in town that match your interests, which are based on your profile and what kinds of things you give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to. There’s still a robust search feature with several filters, but the app’s strength lies in finding new places for you to go, so you don’t end up at the same places every weekend. Right now, Picksie only works for those living in New York City or San Francisco, or within the vicinity of those two cities. The app’s developers have expressed interest in expanding the app to more locations in the future.

Picksie is free to download now off the iTunes App Store.

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