Is a Pink Version of the Samsung Galaxy S II Patronizing?

Our pals over at Netbook News have spotted a new version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S II, and this one is colored in bright pink! The colorful handset will only be available in Korea. Of course, pink is quite a popular color for females in Asia, so this special edition of the Galaxy II makes a lot of sense over there. That said, we know that plenty of women here would love to have a pink version of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

We’re not going to get into stereotypes, but at the end of the day, many women do love pink phones. Samsung has a long history of coloring phones pink, though since they started focusing on smartphones, their selection of pink phones has dwindled.  Manufacturers just need to understand that while there are many women who do like pink a lot, most women look at the form and functionality of the device first, and the color second. That said, it’s nice to see a very powerful and popular smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S II get painted pink, even if it might come across as a bit patronizing.

What we would really like to see from Samsung is a serious smartphone designed for women from the ground up. HTC did it recently with the Rhyme, so we would love to see what Samsung has to offer to women past just coloring a device pink.


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