Red Bubble iPhone 4S Case Review

If you’re looking for a new, trendy, and protective iPhone case that represents your unique sense of style and interest, look no further. RedBubble.com undoubtedly has the largest selection of artistic and abstract iPhone 4/4S cases that appeal to just about anyone. These high quality iPhone cases are all designed by independent artists and designers from all over the world and produced here in the USA.

We were lucky enough to review the ‘Love is Mixtapes‘ iPhone 4/4S case designed to look like an old-school cassette tape. You may have seen other mixtape cases for iPhone, but we guarantee they’re nothing like Red Bubble’s. Red Bubble’s high quality iPhone cases are composed of an extremely durable one-piece shatterproof plastic. The prints are integrated straight into the plastic so they will never fade or peel.

Red Bubble iPhone cases offer great protection and easy access to all ports and buttons. All of iPhone’s corners are covered and the case just exceeds iPhone’s screen. Both the top of iPhone and the bottom have one large cutout giving easy access to the ports and buttons. The large bottom cutout also allows for good compatibility with all types of iPhone docks and sync cables. There is another large cutout on the side for the volume/toggle buttons, which fit iPhone 4 and 4S regardless of carrier. Lastly, there’s a large ‘keyhole ring’ around the camera that keeps photo taking unobstructed.

The ‘Love is Mixtapes’ design, by UK artist UrbanDog, wraps around the iPhone case and does a great job representing our passion for music and technology. Regardless of the camera hole, the case has fooled a countless number of people into thinking that we’re actually nursing an old cassette tape. Even with half of the case covered by our hand, we’ve been stopped on the subway more than once with riders exclaiming how cool the case is.

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At RedBubble.com you can get easily lost browsing through the thousands of unique, trendy, and seriously awesome designs. Each design has an artist bio and you can search through all of the artist’s designs. At Red Bubble you’re not just limited to iPhone cases, but the amazing designs extend to clothing, stickers, posters, greeting cards, and more. Red Bubble iPhone Cases range from about $35 to $45; the ‘Love is Mixtapes’ case sells for $37.20. Once the $30 barrier is broken, an iPhone case is officially expensive. That said, for an insanely cool and unique design that you can count on lasting, Red Bubble’s iPhone cases are worth the few extra dollars.

The Good: High Quality, Tight Fit, Amazing Design (+ Thousands of Others), Design Won’t Wear or Fade, Good Access to all Ports and Buttons, Works for All Carriers (iPhone 4/4S), Durable and Protective

The Bad: Pricey Side of iPhone Cases, Tricky to Remove


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  1. I’ve been searching the site and I have an iphone case in mind, but there’s no description of the product and no way for me to see the front of the case. I’m hoping someone here will have the answer to this.

    Are the iphone screens protected by silicone so they won’t smash if they hit the ground? Or is there no silicone at all?

  2. No silicone. They are very strong cases though i have dropped my phones loads of times on to concrete etc and the phone survived without a scratch. The only problem i have is the actual print quality. I have ordered two cases. They both were poor quality. The reds were more orange and the blacks were a greyish green. The prints weren’t centered properly either. Super designs but they really need to work on the print quality. Not worth $$. I thought the first one i ordered was just crap by a fluke so i ordered a black and white one (Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures Album cover) and it’s pretty poor. I won’t order from them again

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