Instead of Dressing Up As Santa, How About Rinzler from TRON?

If you thought the Sam Flynn and Quorra replica motorcycle suits from last year were cool, you’ll want to check out the new Rinzler replica motorcycle suit from UD Replicas. The suit of Tron’s user-unfriendly alter ego includes pants, jacket, boots, and gloves, all of which are made from grade A cow hide leather. All the Tron necessities are here, too, from the identity disc on the back to the hexagon print dominating most of the suit.

You’re a lot less likely to get derezzed on the road if you wear this suit, too. The entire get-up is highly reflective, even in low-light conditions, and there is ample padded body armor protecting your spine and limbs. There’s even anti-skid kevlar on the gloves. The jacket and pants zip together at the waist, making it a one-piece suit once you’ve put the whole thing on.

The TRON Rinzler replica motorcycle suit goes on sale today, and if the Flynn and Quorra suits are any indication, it won’t be cheap. But, if you’ve got the cash, you can start zipping around in one of the coolest motorcycle suits this side of the Grid. It looks like you can also choose between Rinzler and Tron (the difference is the color of the identity disc). So, I guess you’ll need to figure out whether or not you fight for the users before you make your purchase.


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