New Study Shows Smart TVs are Taking Over

Cutting edge LED televisions like the Samsung Smart TV series are looking a lot like the future, according to a report from IC Insights. Demand for LED-backlit Smart TVs is set to increase dramatically next year, satisfying the desire for ease of access to all kinds of media, and freedom from cable bills thanks to access to services like Roku and Hulu Plus.

The report estimates that 37% of all televisions shipped worldwide in 2011 will have been LED-backlit TVs – a number that is projected to increase to 53% in 2012. 20% of all television shipments this year are estimated to have been Smart TVs – that will increase to about 40% next year, according to the report. Much of the increased demand for digital televisions will come not from developed markets like the United States, Europe, and Japan, but from emerging developing countries like China, India and Brazil, where disposable income is on the rise, on average.

3D technology has gone from the new “it” technology in televisions to an expected feature. Consumers are now putting a higher value on the web-friendly features of Smart TVs, and the energy-saving nature of LED-backlit TVs. With the rapidity that 3D went from breathtaking new technology to accepted norm, consumers should be excited to see what’s on the horizon in the digital television market in the years to come.