A Quick Peek Inside the Tesla Model S – the 100% Electric Car

No need to say hybrid – the Tesla Model S is the first 100% electric sedan to ever go on sale to the general public. No internal combustion engine, no gas tank – just an electric rotor. What about the performance? From the sounds of it, that won’t be an issue.

The Model S can go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 130 mph. Long distance driving is still a cause for concern, but the Model S is still able to pack in more miles per full charge than most, at 300 miles per charge. For convenience, the car comes with a universal connector that will allow you to plug the Model S into any 240-volt or 120-volt outlets. Recharging happens at 62 miles of charge per hour, but a 50% charge in thirty minutes is possible with the Tesla Supercharger.

Inside, a touch-screen dashboard features wi-fi and mobile network connectivity. Similar to what will be found in BMW’s i8 and i3 hybrids, the touch-screen panel will offer efficiency information, while integrating media, communications, and dash controls. A navigation feature will also be present.

The base model of the Tesla Model S will sell for about $57,000, which gets knocked down to about $49,000 after US tax credits kick in. The car can be put on a finance plan, and the warranty will be more comprehensive than what is provided with the Roadster, Tesla’s electric sports car offering. There’s also an option for two jump seats for kids 10 years old and younger. You can pre-order one now – according to Tesla, over 6,000 people have already done so. The Model S should be available summer 2012.


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