Android App of the Week: Access Your Newspaper Articles On the Go with Kooaba Paperboy

For all of you out there still getting their news the old-fashioned way, yesteryear can meet up with the present in the kooaba Paperboy app, available for Android and iPhone. Paperboy lets you snap a photo of a picture or text of one of any newspaper or magazine’s articles. If the publication isn’t supported by the app, congratulations – you have a picture of a picture. If the publication is supported, though, you’ll instantly have access to a PDF version of the entire article on your phone, which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS. You can store the articles in your own library on kooaba’s website, or you can send them to your Evernot account, if you have one.

As an added bonus, some articles will feature links to YouTube videos or other content related to the news story. Check out this web page for supported publications in the United States – it’s a surprisingly long list, with most major nationally circulated newspapers supported (though it appears the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are off that list, for now). The kooaba Paperboy app is available now for free on the Android Market or the iTunes App Store.

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