Angry Birds Goes Nuts with Online Pistachio Game

The Angry Birds are looking to crack more than Pigs’ skulls this time around. Rovio has partnered with Wonderful Pistachios to create exclusive browser-based Angry Birds levels in the Hunt for the Golden Pistachio. If the Birds manage to crack that legendary Golden Pistachio, it could mean an early Christmas gift for you.

The first two levels of the game are open to the general public, but access to levels 3 to 5 are restricted to those with a “Get Crackin'” Code, which can be obtained by purchasing packs of Wonderful Pistachios or by sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter. In levels 3-5, the Golden Pistachio will sometimes appear – crack it, and you could win prizes ranging from free pistachios to Angry Birds plush toys to $25,000 in cash. This could easily spell doom for workplace productivity. Angry Birds alone already had that power, but if you combine that with a chance to win big money, watch out.

Prizes can be won from the game until December 31st, when all five levels will become available to the general public. Check the game out here; at the very least, it’s a couple of new Angry Birds levels, and there’s never any harm in that. Right?

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