App Makers Make Last Push Before Apple Closes Up Shop for Holidays

As app developers everywhere are already keenly aware of, Apple keeps tight control over what does and doesn’t go onto their app store. Every app needs to be submitted to Apple before it can go live on the iTunes App Store. Ideally, big money will follow if the app is accepted. Big money definitely tends to come during Christmas when people receive new phones in bunches. That means it’s crunch time for iPhone app developers – because Apple’s about to go on vacation.

This Thursday, Apple employees will be going on vacation, which means there will be no one to approve all of those third party apps. If those developers want a piece of the lucrative Christmas pie, making the Thursday deadline is a must. The break will run for eight days, ending on December 29th.

Android app developers need not worry, as they can release their apps directly to the Android Market without going through Google. That said, many developers still consider Apple’s store as the big prize, especially because the iPhone is now available to Verizon and Sprint customers.

The trick for developers will be to rush the product without the result being…well, a rushed product. Negative reviews on the app store tend to be a downer on app sales, and anyone who flunked their first exam in any class will tell you it’s hard to get your grade back up after an initial disaster.

Via the New York Times

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