Apple Smart TV Expected to Come in Three Different Sizes

Details continue to trickle out about the upcoming Apple TV, now rumored to see a late 2012 release. Word is that three different sizes will be available, including a 32” model and a 55” model. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Rumor has it the user interface is going to be very simple to use, and will most likely feature Siri in a similar role to the one she takes on in the iPhone 4S. Integration with iCloud and syncing with other Apple devices is also said to be a major feature of the upcoming television, said to be in production by Sharp and Apple.

Apple seems to be far from ready to make the official announcement, but the Apple TV (unsurprisingly said to be called the iTV) looks to be a lock for next year. And, in true Apple fashion, it’ll take a bigger bite out of your wallet than the competition, with some sources saying the iTV could cost twice as much as smart televisions from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sony. The justification? Integration with your entire growing family of Apple devices, of course! Looks like Apple’s quest to dominate every part of your digital life is about to make the next big leap.

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