AT&T’s 4G LTE Goes Live in New York City

Just a day after we published our 4G LTE speed tests for the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, which we tested in Atlanta, Georgia we have discovered that 4G LTE is now live in New York City!

We discovered this tonight at the LG Nitro HD launch event in New York City when we powered the device on. The LG Nitro HD is AT&T’s third smartphone to come out with 4G LTE support. So far we are seeing download speeds as fast as about 23000kbps and upload speeds as fast as about 13000kbps. This isn’t as fast as the speeds we saw in Atlanta on the HTC Vivid and Skyrocket, but they are still 4G LTE worthy results. AT&T has not yet made any official announcements about a 4G LTE launch in New York City. 

We’ll update our 4G LTE Speed Test story when we have more more tests. We’ll also have a full review of the LG Nitro HD up soon.

Update 12/2/2011: AT&T has confirmed with us that 4G LTE is just in testing at the moment in New York City.

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