BlackBerry App of the Week: Turn Your BlackBerry into an iPhone with iBerry 4

Usually, when you buy a product it’s because you’ve decided that product is more preferable in most ways to all other competitors. But, maybe some BlackBerry owners out there are still feeling a little jealous of others, with their clean, easy-to-use iPhone interfaces. Looks like those owners’ dreams have come true. With iBerry 4, you can get your BlackBerry looking like an iPhone.

iBerry 4 is a theme for BlackBerry phones that mimics iOS. This has been done before, but iBerry 4 takes the idea a few steps further, including more faithful recreation of the usual iOS app icons (maps, contacts, camera, etc). This also means the Safari logo on the browser app and an icon for the calendar app that actually keeps the date, rather than remaining static. This is actually because the theme comes with a fully functional calendar app (separate download), apparently designed just to make it possible to have an icon that updates the date like the one on iOS.

To round out the experience, all menus, dialogs, and meters are reproductions of what you’ll find on Apple’s devices. The theme is currently in Open Beta for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. For everyone else, the app should be good to go, as long as you download the correct version, depending on which BlackBerry OS you are running. The iBerry 4 theme is currently on sale for $1.49 from the CrackBerry App Store, a discount from the regular posted price of $5.99.

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