Case-Mate Pop! iPhone 4S Case Review

Pop! That’s what the Case-Mate iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Pop! case does, aesthetically of course. This one-piece case is lightweight, comfortable, grippy, functional, and it looks awesome too!

The Case-Mate Pop! case is just one piece, but it’s fused with both hard plastic and soft rubber. The soft rubber runs down the sides, which really makes for a nice comfortable grip; it will not easily slip out of your hand. There are all sorts of contemporary two-tone color pairings, so it’s no wonder the case is called “Pop!”; it likes to stand out

The cutouts on the case are just about as good as we could hope for: a large cutout for the camera/flash, a large cutout for the mic/speaker/dock connector, and easy-to-access cutouts for the vibrate toggle and microphone port. Then there are easy-to-push rubberized button overlays for the lock/unlock and volume buttons.

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While the Pop! case is lightweight, it doesn’t skimp on protection. There is a raised rubberized perimeter running around the edge of the iPhone’s face which helps keep iPhone safe from the floor. The inside of the case is covered in soft rubber, and the flexible plastic shell insures that it’s impact resistant. The case fits iPhone very snugly, and it’s still easy enough to insert and remove iPhone.

The rubberized, carbon-fiber-looking, sides really make the Pop case comfortable to use. The smooth plastic (polycarbonate) allows for easy insertion and removal from your pocket. There’s just about nothing we didn’t like about the Pop case; it’s an all-around perfect solution to protecting your iPhone in a comfortable and visually appealing package. The Case-Mate Pop! Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (all carriers) is available in a variety of awesome color schemes and retails for $30. Depending on the color, you can find it on Amazon for as little as $20.

The Good: Lightweight, Grippy, Comfortable, Good Cutouts and Button Overlays, Will Fit in Most Docks, Cool Color Schemes
The Bad: In Certain Light Case Shows Smudges, No Screen Protector Included

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