Charge Your iPhone 4S on the Wireless Phone Charging Station

We’re all about the all-in-one devices these days. Fewer wires are also nice. Hence, the Wireless Phone Charging Station from Oregon Scientific. The device is a combination alarm clock phone charger that cuts one wire out of your life, at least for charging. The Wireless Phone Charging Station isn’t completely wireless, of course – you still need to plug the device itself in. You won’t need a cable for your iPhone 4/4S, though, which will start charging as soon as you put it in the magnetic sleeve and lay it down on the magnetic pad behind the alarm clock display.

Actually, the device works with all Qi-enabled wireless devices, including previous iterations of the iPhone, as well as the BlackBerry Curve, but you’ll need to purchase a special adaptive sleeve for those phones separately. The Wireless Phone Charging Station only comes with a sleeve that only fits the iPhone 4/4S.

The alarm clock is an atomic clock that also gives the temperature both outside and inside. To collect the outdoor temperature, the device comes bundled with one outdoor temperature sensor, but can work with as many as five outdoor sensors.

The Wireless Phone Charging Station is selling from Oregon Scientific’s website now for about $150.

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