CityMaps Shows You Every Dunkin’ Donuts on Every Corner in NYC

If it’s 2:00 AM and you need to go get some food you shouldn’t be eating, CityMaps was made for you. Right now, CityMaps is showing everyone living in Brooklyn and Manhattan where they can find the nearest fast food joint, drug store, or Dunkin’ Donuts – there are a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts in New York City. A lot.

CityMaps is actually designed to show every place of business or interest on a map of a city. It’s just getting started, so only NYC is covered, and even there there are lots of empty spaces where businesses no doubt exist. CityMaps is sure to add more, but it’ll be interesting to see how the service handles the space crunch – it’s hard to believe they’ll be fitting all the businesses in NYC using their current map layout.

Clicking on businesses shown on the map will give more detail, and will enable extra actions – viewing movie listings and buying tickets for theaters, and viewing reviews and menus and making reservations for restaurants. You can toggle public transportation information on and off on the top of the screen, and clicking on parking structures will give you hourly and daily rates.

There’s a little social networking flavor, too. Business owners can ‘claim’ their businesses on CityMaps. From there, they can offer updates that can be viewed by users in real-time. That would include special deals, discounts, and announcements. Daily deals from businesses will be highlighted by blinking green dots on the map.

CityMaps is currently in beta, and it’s unknown as of now whether or not the service will be rolling out to other parts of the country. Right now, it’s still a little threadbare on information, but again, if it’s 2:00 AM and you’ve got a craving, you are definitely good to go.



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