Cygnett FlexiGel and SecondSkin II iPhone 4S Case Review

Cygnett has recently launched two pretty nice cases for iPhone 4 and 4s. The Cygnett FlexiGel and the Cygnett SecondSkin II are very similarly designed cases, but each with it’s own unique look and feel.

The Cygnett FlexiGel is a scratch-resistant and impact resistant case made of a durable and translucent TPU plastic. It’s a flexible case with a comfortable in-hand feel. It’s a pretty basic looking case, but it looks pretty sharp with iPhone’s features slightly shining through. The case extends passed iPhone’s screen on all sides and it offers some pretty solid protection. There is just one button overlay for the lock button. The volume buttons and toggle switch all have individual cutouts, which is a bit cumbersome. Similarly, the microphone, speaker, and dock connector all have individual cutouts, which could hinder the use of certain iPhone docks and syncing cables. There’s a cutout for the camera and flash and one last cutout for the headphone jack, which is also a bit too small and will hinder the use of some thicker headphone and aux cables.

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The Cygnett SecondSkin is similarly designed. It’s also pretty thin and light yet durable enough to protect iPhone. The SecondSkin is made of a flexible silicone that is not translucent, but it does have a very soft feel to it. The cutouts and button overlays are a little better on the SecondSkin II than the FlexiGel, there are overlays for the lock button and volume buttons, making them easier to access. There’s a large open cutout on the bottom of iPhone, making it a very accommodating phone for various iPhone docks and sync cables. The cutout for the camera, toggle switch, and headphone jack are the same as the FlexiGel, with the headphone cutout being a bit small.

Each case includes a screen protector and microfiber cleaning cloth which will keep your screen safe from all scratches, smudges, and dust. Both cases include a two-year warranty. They each feel very nice in-hand, with a good grip, and a minimalistic design. The FlexiGel is available in Black, Pink, or Purple, while the SecondSkin is only available in black. As for pricing, the FlexiGel retails for $16.99 and the SecondSkin for $14.99.

The Good: Supports iPhone 4/4s on all Carriers, Look Nice, Feel Nice, Protective, Include Screen Protector and Cleaning Cloth, Lightweight
The Bad: SecondSkin Loosens Around Edges Over Time, Cutouts Could Be Larger