Durabook R13C Convertible Notebook Will Survive Any Mission: Impossible


Most people wouldn’t list Military Standard certifications for durability as an important feature when shopping for laptops, but then again, the Durabook R13C Convertible Notebook isn’t for most people. This nigh-indestructible laptop can be converted into a tablet on the fly, and will stand up to virtually any punishment anyone can dish out.

The R13C passes Military Standard 810G certification for drop, shock, and spill protection, in addition to explosive atmosphere, salt, fog, and freeze/thaw standards. Oh, and both the screen and keyboard are waterproof and dust resistant, and it comes in a magnesium alloy case. If you’re a klutz, your prayers have been answered.

The screen is 13.3”, and the laptop runs on an Intel Core Low Power i7-620LM vPro Processor. The R13C has 8 GB of storage, a 2.5” SATA hard drive with quick removal, a slim DVD drive, an RS-232 serial port, two USB ports, a SIM card connector, and an SD card reader. It’s Bluetooth compatible, and comes equipped with a GPS receiver.

The R13C is as hard to break into as it is to break. A fingerprint scanner, Trusted Platform Module 1.2, a SMART card reader, and a Kensington lock all make sure the data being hauled stays safe and private. Mission: Impossible worthy, indeed.

The R13C is available now, but only for government workers and those involved in law enforcement – your civilian secrets aren’t worthy of the secret agent of features of this laptop, unfortunately.