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Dyson Hot Review

dyson hot

The Dyson Hot AM04 is the modern day answer to those nefarious hot coil space heaters. With its sleek design, high temperatures, and safe construction, it is ideal for those who need to keep toasty when there is a chill in the air – but without burning down your house. We got some hands on time with the Dyson Hot a few months ago when it first debuted, and now we finally got to spend some up close and warm time with it.

The Dyson Hot is certainly hot when it comes to its looks. Available in both White/Silver and Iron/Blue, both exude a classiness never seen before in heaters. Just like Dyson did with the fan, Dyson has turned the heater on its ear as well – by making ordinary house appliances into portable works of art.

With its Air multiplier technology, the Dyson Hot boast similar technology as the Dyson Fans. That means that there are no visible heating elements, blades that spin, or dust that collects in hard to clean spaces. And no matter how hot the air blows out of the device, the Dyson Hot stays cool to the touch and easily portable.  It also comes with a convenient remote control, so that you can warm up from far away. The remote will let you adjust the temperature and Dyson Hot controls.

The Dyson Hot can go from as low as 32° to 99° Fahrenheit, which is certainly welcome on a cold winter day. It also oscillates, so that your entire room can get warm, and not just one corner of it. But unfortunately, while the Dyson Hot doesn’t create an unnerving burning smell like other typical heaters do, it does make noise. It’s not an overbearing noise, but it is noisy nonetheless.

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So at the end of the day with all its bells and whistles does the Dyson Hot turn up the heat? Well, yes and no. The Dyson Hot claims it will warm your cockles up, and even boasts that it will heat your room evenly. Testing out the Dyson Hot in a 300 ft room with 11 ft ceilings, the Dyson Hot certainly took the chill out of the air in the room, but it didn’t leave the room toasty. I perched the Dyson Hot on my radiator of all places (the radiator was off), and in the corner of the room, so that when the fan osculated, it could cover the entire room. At 76°, it hardly seemed warm in the room, unless you stood right on top of the Hot. When I turned it way up to 86°, I could then feel some much needed warmth. The chill in the room had certainly subsided, but there were still pockets in the room I could tell were not warm at all.

If I hovered over the device, I certainly started to feel a sweat coming on, but as I moved across the room, from about 7 ft away I couldn’t feel the Dyson Hot at all, nor did I feel all that warm either. If I turned the Dyson Hot up to 99°, I then started to feel the room quickly become warmer. Leaving the room and coming back to it, I definitely noticed a difference, but not the overwhelming one I expected, especially at such a high temperature.


While the Dyson Hot has all the bells and whistles that most Dyson products are known for: the expert engineering, a modern design and consumer friendly controls, the Hot didn’t always leave me feeling very warm all over. The product definitely does better in smaller rooms, with doors closed – so that the heat can’t escape, and it does especially well when used in close range. Users will enjoy it most if you are near it while it’s operating. With that said, you might need two Dyson Hot fans to warm a more spacious room. The Dyson Hot retails for $399 and on Amazon for $499, and is certainly a safer and more sleek alternative than traditional fire hazard prone space heaters. At the end of the Day, the Dyson Hot is not the most powerful heater on the market, but it is arguably the safest heater, and most convenient-to-use heater you can get.

The Good: Design and engineering are tops, safe, easy to use, extremely portable, doesn’t create the traditional burning smell that most heaters create, gets as high as 99°, and oscillates to spread warmth in the entire room.

The Bad: A bit noisy, you have to set the temperature very high to warm larger rooms despite the fact it oscillates, works best when in close proximity to your body.