Grab Your iPhone By Its Tail with the iPhone Tail 4S

If the iPhone 4S is the best camera you own, you might be interested in the iPhone Tail 4S. It’s a protective silicone case with a wrist strap that lets you securely dangle your iPhone 4S from your wrist. If you’re the designated historian in your circle of friends, it looks like a winner.

The iPhone Tail 4S comes with two different sizes of straps. The short strap is handy if you need to MacGyver up a stand for your phone. You can put it on whatever is handy (something the size of a stick of lipstick looks ideal) and there you go – instant stand. Admittedly, the wrist strap seems more compelling.

The iPhone Tail 4S should fit both the iPhone 4 and 4S, and comes in three different colors – white with a green strap, powder blue with a blue strap, and pink with a white strap.

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