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Jill-E Laptop Tote Review – Finally a Stylish Bag to Carry Your DSLR

The Jill-E Laptop Tote is a heavy duty bag with a feminine edge. It is spacious, water resistant, and bursting with pockets. This sturdy and highly functional bag is a great carry all for a lady of tech who is also fashion-savvy. The tote can fit up to a 15″ laptop, a DSLR or a SLR camera body, along with a couple lenses, plus whatever you can work into the pockets. For a professional who uses these things daily, this is a great bag that allows one to maintain functionality without sacrificing beauty.

The Jill-E Laptop Tote also what I would call a Torso bag, because it is about as big as my torso. The website picture can be deceiving, but this is no dinky bag at 15.5″ long by 4″ deep, by 14.5″ high. Its outside material is made of high quality woven polyurethane, which is similar to the materials used by luxury handbag makers, and it is highly water resistant, in the way that it just slicks water off. If you are caught in a rain storm you can focus on protecting your hair, instead of worrying about your bag and the devices inside of it.

The elegant outside trim and handles of the Jill-E Laptop Tote are made of a genuine black leather material that really compliments the overall design. The handles are a good size at about 8.5 inches for your shoulder and arm to slip through, and they make a very comfortable fit. There is a very large pocket on the front with a button flap. The back has a very interesting pocket too – at first glance it appears to be a button slot. However that same pocket unzips at the bottom. What could this be used for? Maybe for securing onto a piece of luggage? That is really all I can think of.

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The inside is fancy, fancy, fancy! The fabric on the inside is also reminiscent of expensive design handbags, with a light elegant criss-cross design. Then there is the main laptop slot that is padded and secured with a fold-over velcro strap. Thoughtfully included, is a cloth cover case for your laptop. Across from this are two pen slots, and two other larger open pockets for a smartphone, or other various devices. Behind these is a nice deep pocket for personal items. But even with a laptop stashed inside the tote, there is still quite a bit of room for more items, be they magazines, books, a set of clothes, binders, water bottles, and whatever else you can think of.

Overall, the Jill-E Laptop Tote is a great multi-use, graceful bag. Sure, the price point is pretty high at $179, but you get what you pay for, and that is a tote made of high quality materials, with a thoughtfully executed design, and a classy look, plus plenty of space and high functionality. The Tote comes in the above pictured design as well as a similar design with a primarily light brown color scheme.

The Good: Great quality, plenty of space, beautiful design, comfortable to carry

The Bad: Pricey

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